October 18, 2018

Two Nonprofits Join To Fix The Future For Marion County Pets

Voices of Change Animal League (VOCAL) in collaboration with TLC Petsnip will bring
low-cost spay-neuter services to local community in near future.

Ocala, FL- A recent collaboration between two like-minded animal welfare organizations will bring lowcost,
high quality spay-neuter & wellness services to Marion County as early as Nov. 1. The new clinic
will be conveniently located at 2532 SE 17th St. Ocala.

The reason we joined forces with TLC PetSnip to provide services now is because the need is so great
in our community. Pet overpopulation contributes to more stray animals, which can overwhelm the
Good Samaritans that try to help them. There are no open admission shelters in the area any longer
which has exacerbated the problem.
This collaborative effort does not change our plans to build the Spay-Neuter clinic on our property. In
fact, construction is underway and is expected to be completed by March 2019. Our donors are
making that possible because they understand the urgency and want to help. We are so fortunate to
have so many caring people in this community.

Linda Norman, President / Co-Founder, VOCAL

TLC PetSnip has performed more than 27,500 sterilization surgeries in the Lakeland/Tampa area, and
served over 30,000 animals in the 5 years of their existence. They follow the ASPCA Humane Alliance
model that is considered the gold standard for non-profit low cost, high quality and high volume clinics.
The Humane Alliance will not accept everyone that applies for their training. Adherence to their
standards is required and TLC PetSnip veterinarians and staff are all Humane Alliance trained and

TLC PetSnip clinics average 40 surgeries a day, but are capable on cat days of doing as many as 70,
without sacrificing safety or quality. This ability to do high-volume is the key to preventing additional
unwanted animals.

Marion County will be the third location for TLC PetSnip. They currently operate two clinics in Polk and
Hillsborough Counties. Their clinics feature new, state of the art equipment and experienced, caring
staff. TLC PetSnip will also provide low-cost vaccines and other wellness services to Marion county pets.
Special pricing for spay-neuter surgery will be offered to qualified animal rescues and humane societies.

At TLC PetSnip the animals come first. The clinic was started based on love and care for the cats and
dogs of our communities. With their safety and health in mind, the high quality and affordable clinic
was created. We did not want animals to suffer due to the high expense of surgery and animal care.
We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Marion County pets and their owners.

Terry Sandlak, Founder TLC PetSnip

VOCAL plans to have a cat adoption area at the 17th St. location and will continue to subsidize very lowincome
pet owners through their Tammy Green Daniels Fix the Future fund.

VOCAL will also distribute pet food from the 17th St. location to low-income people who need it to feed
their pets. This food is provided by the online pet retailer, CHEWY to VOCAL’s Project FEED which in
turn distributes to 45 plus animal welfare groups locally and beyond.

Kate Rengel, co-founder of VOCAL and coordinator of Project Feed and the outreach programs states
that the synergy created by the two non-profits working together on behalf of local pets will create a
better outcome for the animals.

“Together we are stronger and can expand our impact to make Marion County a safer place for our
pets. Reducing pet overpopulation is the first goal and the primary focus. Collaborating with TLC
PetSnip will allow both organizations to concentrate on their strengths and to deliver more services to
owned and homeless pets.”